Cut down on dairy – it’ll transform your skin!

So I’ve read loads of articles recently about people who’ve found that cutting out dairy has had this miraculous effect on their skin. I was reading them and thinking about the way my skin behaves, going ‘oh no…’  because what they were describing was my skin, through and through. I look after my skin, I use the right cleansers and moisturisers, and I always take my makeup off at night. I don’t eat heavily processed food, no fast food ever, I don’t drink excessively and don’t eat meat.

So why was I getting these horrible red acne bumps – the hard painful ones that never come to the surface? Why did I keep getting unbearable dry patches erupt out of nowhere? Why was my complexion so blotchy? The more I read up on this dairy connection, the more my heart sank. I had to try it.


That’s almond milk. I actually like almond and coconut milk, so it wasn’t that hard.

The way I went about giving up dairy was a bit relaxed – I would still eat a bit of butter, and wouldn’t worry about the occasional non-vegan dessert. I’d have milk in tea if I was having tea. But I didn’t touch cheese, put milk on my cereal, or eat white sauces. The cheese was the hardest part. I love cheese so damn much. Cheese and wheat are essentially the greatest food combination humankind has ever created.

So what happened? Well long story short I ended up with the best skin of my entire life. It was insane. I would just stand in front of the mirror touching this (ironically) milk white skin, unable to process what a dramatic change had occurred. It had been particularly bad before, with oiliness and sandpapery dry patches, so this change was all the more miraculous.

Even more proof of this incredible change came when I actually ate cheese again – two days in a row, I had a mozzarella veggie burger and then some blue cheese in a quiche. I don’t regret either one at all, they were hella delicious. But almost immediately, my forehead had several spots on it. I couldn’t believe it.

I haven’t cut dairy out completely, and I don’t think I will. But I have drastically, drastically cut down, and I haven’t bought cheese for almost two months. I used to eat it almost every day, so that’s a big deal for me. If you’re experiencing something similar with your skin – no matter how much attention you lavish on it, you just can’t get it to behave the way you want – I would suggest you to try cutting out dairy, even if its just for a few weeks. You can always pound a margherita pizza and ice cream afterwards if it doesn’t work.


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