Playing the eyelash game with Refinery29, Benefit and Marks & Spencer

The other day I came across this great video from Refinery29 on making your lashes look a tonne better with just mascara and eyeliner. I always seem to forget that there’s more to eyelash game than swiping the black stuff over them, so this is what they usually look like. I wanted to copy the video immediately, but when I did, I used a cheap grey glitter eyeliner I got for free at work. Almost as soon as I started lining the first upper lid, my eye was itchy and red. By the time I finished, my eyelashes looked great but I had to go for cocktails with my boss and some colleagues looking like I was high as a kite.

The final result - I'm pretty impressed!

The final result  after following the Mascara Moves instructions properly – I’m pretty impressed!

I still wanted to try again though, as really I should have known better than to use a glittery eyeliner from a random brand on a bit of my eyes I’ve never put makeup on before. I remembered that when I was a teenager and was shopping with my mum, we’d gone into M&S and I’d had to ask her what ‘hypoallergenic’ meant, and why it was written on all of their Autograph range. Well, true to form, all these years later M&S are still making their hypoallergenic makeup, so I purchased this lovely black liner to see if I was right about my eyes just not liking the other formulation.

Comes with one of those smudgey things too which will come in handy for the nighttimes

It also comes with one of those smudgey things too which will come in handy for the nighttimes

I’m happy to say I was entirely correct – this liner goes on really, really smooth. It lasts all day, even on my oily lids, and it hasn’t irritated this incredibly delicate part of my face. Two thumbs up for the Autograph Soft Kohl Eyeliner – and it’s only £6, thanks M&S!


I’ve had this since I was about 8 years old…its rubbish but I can’t bear to part with it!

So onto the Mascara Moves video. You begin by curling your lashes, and then hold your mascara wand at the base of your lashline whilst blinking twice. I got a really disappointing email just before I did this and screwed it up the first time because I was so annoyed (I didn’t want my article printed in that silly magazine anyway), so my advice would be to stay focussed for this part.

After the first full coating – amazing what a bit of extra attention can do!

The next step is to hold the brush lengthways against your lashes, and then kind of pull it along them. It makes more sense when you watch the video, but its pretty easy to do and it has an incredibly lengthening effect!

My mascara

My mascara

I use Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara, which lives up to literally every hype you’ve seen about it. I love it so much, and in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve had this tube for years (I didn’t wear make up for a period of about ten months so its really been hanging around) and its still perfect. Not that I recommend using old makeup or anything, but I think it speaks volumes about the quality of the formulation. The rounded brush is ingenious too, I particularly love it because I have loads of spindly lashes on the outer corners of my eyes.

Anyway, onto my favourite part of the Mascara Moves video, the eyeliner, and a technique I worked out that should help you if you try it…

This is where it gets tricky…

You have to line the upper waterline with eyeliner (which is probably the most inelegant sentence I’ve ever written but there it is). In the video, the lady doing the demonstration blinks a lot when she does this, and that’s because unlike with your lower waterline, or the eyelid itself, you’re actually putting the pencil right in front of the eye, which feels horrible and automatically makes you blink, much more than any other eye makeup does.

If you cant see it, it cant make you blink!

So to avoid that, and the uncomfortable feeling that comes with trying to draw right next to your eye, try looking away. When you line the right half of the lashline, look left, and look to the right when you do the left half. (that’s what I’m doing in the last two photos, see how the pencil is as far away from my pupil as possible?) By keeping your pupil away from the pencil, its out of sight, and if you can’t see it, your eye won’t instinctually shut, and you’ll be able to get it done twice as fast.

I’m really impressed with this video! My eyes looked fresh and subtly defined, and I didn’t have to do anything complicated or technical at all – which you can probably tell isn’t my strong point when it comes to makeup. Watch it here!




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