London Fun

Thought I would post a little update on what I’ve been up to since the sun started coming out…


I took a trip to a garden centre, where I bought a friend called Bitey.


I made frequent visits to Regent’s Park, and on one found a perfect patch of bluebells hiding behind some shrubs.


On another visit I was able to indulge on of my biggest plant based obsessions – blossoms.


I found this moth in Camden – and was convinced for ages that it must have been an invasive species from some tropical paradise. I now know its a Cinnabar Moth, and is entirely native, which actually just makes it even cooler.


I took a trip to the top floor of the Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road, and decorated my room with all the goodies I found there. Seriously, if you’re looking for cheap, cheerful posters for your room? This is the place.


I’m also quite proud of my outfit for the ballet, and obviously don’t have any photos of that to show you so…

I visited the Royal Albert Hall to see the English National Ballet’s production of Romeo & Juliet. The orchestra were flawless but I thought the rest of it was a bit unimaginative, and Juliet’s youth was hammed up to ridiculous levels, making their relationship completely unbalanced and uncomfortable to watch.


And I rediscovered my favourite hand cream, realised that it is still very much my favourite hand cream, and felt compelled to remind you all of the fact.





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