Review: Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micellar

I’ve been curious about Bioderma Micellar water for ages, although wasn’t sure how my skin would feel about such curiosity as it’s not like I’ve used anything similar before. I did some reading, and on a chance visit to John Bell & Croyden (I’m telling you where because they might still have the offer on, you never know) I saw that the Hydrabio version was on offer – two bottles for £10! It’s normally about £10 I think, so that was pretty good.


The Hydrabio version contains cucumber extract and has a much longer ingredients list than its cult counterpart the pink-lidded Sensibio. I’m guessing this is so it’ll have a more hydrating effect. On the back it promises that it’ll help the skin regain its natural water retention abilities, and make the skin more resilient, which I was all for. I use it at night to take my makeup off, and in the morning I just wash with a cleanser.


It was interesting how the first few times I used it, I went through several cotton pads just to get my foundation off, before I even got to the eye makeup. Then after a couple of days, it came off easy as pie, and I was able to start using what you see above – one large pad for my face and a small one for my eyes (using both sides of course). I’m curious as to what exactly it changed on my face, because I haven’t seen any difference, either in the way my skin looks, or the way my makeup sits.


It doesn’t leave my skin feeling clean at all. It feels sticky and although I know it probably is clean, I can’t leave it that way, so I follow it up with a foaming wash. I feel like leaving enzymes and emulsifiers on your face isn’t the way to great skin. It also contains hydrogenated oil, which I find incredibly annoying since this is essentially water so it will end up running down onto your lips, leaving you a nasty-tasting surprise if you lick them or drink anything after. I just want to be healthy! Get your trans fats out of my bloody skincare.


Bioderma Hydrabio H2O has a lot of promises on the packaging, and a lot of scientific-sounding jargon to make sure you’re confused enough to believe it. Although the hype around this product is undeniable, unfortunately it hasn’t done anything for me. While my skin certainly hasn’t reacted badly or gone off the wall crazy while I’ve been using it, I wouldn’t say there’s been any improvement. There are still dry patches, and I still got an awful hormonal breakout last month. I don’t mind it, but I’m definitely still on the lookout for a good makeup remover. Coconut oil might be next.

How about you? Have you used this before? If not, what do you use to take your makeup off?




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