Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream SPF 15

I’m seriously excited to talk to you about Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream. A few weeks ago I was moaning to my eternally patient boyfriend that I had dark circles under my eyes which just wouldn’t shift. As I poked and prodded my eye area, the light caught my face in a particular way, and I noticed, to my shock and horror…FINE LINES.

IMG_6618I wanted to call my mum and beg for advice, but couldn’t bear the thought of making her feel old – her daughter is getting wrinkles, after all. I attempted to cover the area up with concealer, went a bit heavier with my serum, and kept an eye out for a good cream (see what I did there? Seriously, there are eye puns coming out of my ears over here). IMG_6635

Anyway…I was having a sniff of all of Korres’ gorgeous shower gels like a giant weirdo casual browse one day when I came across this Wild Rose Eye Cream, because it literally says on the front ‘fine lines and dark circles’. Combined with the fact that I use rosehip seed oil on my face every single day, this couldn’t have been appealed to me more.

IMG_6611Look, I haven’t had time to take photos of flowers recently so I went a bit overboard on this post, don’t judge me. Plus, this eye cream deserves to be celebrated with a tonne of photos. It is brilliant. After applying in the morning once I noticed a difference in the dark circles. This is thanks to a golden tint that immediately evens out and brightens the complexion. Of course, it then continues to work away at reducing fine lines and dark circles with the help of some awesome active ingredients.


Along with the restorative, nourishing, brightening and all around miraculous rosehip seed oil, Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream contains ruscus, an ingredient known for getting rid of ‘things that shouldn’t be where they are’ (rosacea, cellulite, dark circles, dandruff etc). There’s also horse chestnut  – which has a blood thinning effect, helping to eliminate dark circles, and yeast – which speeds up cell renewal to get rid of those pesky fine lines. Oh and of course a nice SPF 15, which I mercifully haven’t reacted to (as I often do with SPF moisturisers, so well done Korres!)


I pat it underneath and to the sides of my eyes, and it absorbs very quickly. I’m always surprised by how effective that patting motion is at getting cream into the skin, and this seems to absorb particularly quickly. I’ve noticed such a difference in my under eye area, the skin is brighter, smoother and more comfortable than it’s been in ages! Get Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream for £20 on Feel Unique.


One thought on “Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream SPF 15

  1. I’m so glad I read this! I have awful dark circles and I haven’t found an eye cream that really does anything yet! I wonder if they do samples?


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