The Sweater Weather Tag

Before being tagged by the hilarious, wonderful Jess at Half Girl Half Teacup I have to admit, I’d never really considered the way that autumn has been packaged, bottled and had a price tag slapped all over it. Well, now I know, and I’m bitter about it. I’ve always loved autumn, my birthday is in November so whenever people ask what my favourite season is (which if you think about it is a really weird question), I always say autumn, so I’m looking forward to doing this. That being said, this tag is American, so let me just get this out of my system to start with:


Anyway…let’s get to it…

Favourite candle scent? As long as it’s Diptyque, I don’t care. I have an addiction. 


We’ve worked out that if we buy the mini ones we can try more of the scents without breaking the bank quite so hard

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Coffee until I can’t drink any more coffee, then tea. I can only drink hot chocolate when there’s coffee in it (mmmm hi, Costa Mocha, how you doing?)

What’s the best fall memory you have? When I was a kid we used to combine my birthday with bonfire night and have a huge party in the wild bit down our garden. Either that or walking around Kew Gardens on a warm birthday last year with my (then) new love. 


He dresses better now

Which make-up trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? My lips are huge and bouncy, I look terrible with dark lipstick – I’m crap at winged eyeliner but I do love it. If I ever develop the patience for it maybe I’ll wear them more than twice a year. 

Best fragrance for fall? Do people seriously change their perfume based on the season? Fleur d’Oranger is my perfume, why would I ever change it? (Fun story, a lady came up to me in a restaurant on Saturday to tell me how perfect it was on my skin. Whaaaaa?!)

Favourite Thanksgiving food (or fall food if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving)? I don’t condone America’s odd tradition of celebrating colonisation, but I did have an American style cornbread/apple/cranberry stuffing dish once that was pretty bloody incredible. 

What is autumn weather like where you live? Unpredictable – I’ve had birthdays where we could barely even go outside it was so cold, yet last year boyfriend and I walked around Kew Gardens like it was June (probably global warming). It’s always wet though.

Most worn sweater? A light grey beauty from & Other Stories

Football games or jumping in leaf piles? I’ve never seen a leaf pile that could support the weight of a human, but I’d certainly like to. That or women’s football, otherwise nope.

Favourite type of pie? Cherry.

What song really gets you into the fall spirit? ‘Happy birthday to you’ (yes literally all my memories of autumn are skewed by the fact that November is my birthday month, don’t judge me).

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? Unless it’s in a fucking dessert, NO.

Favourite fall TV show? I was so prepared for a sarcastic response to this one about there being no such thing as seasonal TV and then I remembered Twin Peaks. It’s Twin Peaks.

Skinny jeans or leggings? Depends on the activity. Skinny jeans for faffing around London, leggings for hauling my ass up the side of whatever mountain my boyfriend and I can make it out of the city to on the weekends.


I love London, but leggings, boots and the Lake District make for an incredible weekend.

Combat boots or Uggs? Combat boots if I ever had the aesthetic, but I never will and don’t want to, so neither. I don’t care how comfortable Uggs are, I will never leave the house with two loaves of bread on my feet. 

Halloween- Yay or Nay? Halloween is great for a debauched house party, but even my scrooge parents get more into the ‘kids trick or treating’ thing than me. I’m a ‘turn the lights off close the curtains so people think I’m out’ kind of douchebag.


A friend of mine did a halloween insect dinner and this was there (check out Hot Buzz if you’re in LDN)

Fall mornings or evenings? Impossible to choose. Crips autumn mornings are refreshing and make you feel excited for the rest of the day, but sunsets in the autumn remind me of my childhood like nothing else.IMG_4720

What do you think about Black Friday? Consumerist hell, a day that leaves my faith in humanity utterly decimated, especially since in the UK we don’t even have the sodding holiday that precedes it. 

One Fall 2015 trend you love? Umm… jumpers?

I nominate:

Lucieleanne XO

Polished by Amy

The Beauty Sanctuary

Aubergine Reverie


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